The United States affiliate of the Organization Intersex International (OII)

Intersex Campaign for Equality

The Intersex Campaign for Equality is a multi-gendered, multi-orientation, multi-racial NGO working for human rights for intersex people, particularly the rights to bodily integrity, self determination, legal recognition and de-pathologization of intersex traits and non-binary identities in medicine and society.

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Write to Your Representatives!

It can be scary to stand up and be counted when you’re a member of a marginalized community, but American politicians need to be aware of who we are, and what our community’s needs are, in order for our human rights issues to be addressed.

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Get Active!

Your participation is key. We welcome any donation of any size and always appreciate those who want to volunteer.

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2015 is the Year of the Wood Goat, a “year to develop a wild heart, open to love and acceptance on all levels”, and in this vein, we are thrilled to announce a new campaign for human rights by and for intersex people, co-founded by intersex activists Dani Lee Harris, Hida Viloria, and Dana Zzyym [more]
On Wednesday, February 11th, 2015, Indian track star Dutee Chand soared to victory, winning the gold medal in the 100- meter race at India's National Games. Dutee is competing while under reprie [more]
Stanford grad Will Gutierrez speaks about reclaiming the word "hermaphrodite", and coming out as intersex, in an eloquent essay on Facebook. Kudos to Will for sharing his pride! [more]