The United States affiliate of the Organization Intersex International (OII)

Intersex Campaign for Equality

Working for equality & human rights for intersex people

The Intersex Campaign for Equality (aka OII-USA) advocates equality and human rights for intersex people, particularly the rights to physical integrity, self determination, legal recognition and de-pathologization. We are dedicated to representing all intersex people regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, ability or class.

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Recent Posts

Our Own Dana Zzyym’s Lawsuit in the LA Times
See the LA Times coverage of our Associate Director Dana Zzyym's groundbreaking lawsuit for non-binary gender recognition on their passport. Go Dana and intersex visibility, rights and recognition! #intersexequality     [more]
Fantastic Video About Dana Zzyym’s Non-Binary Recognition Lawsuit!
Today, Lambda Legal, who are representing our Associate Director Dana Zzyym (who uses they/them/their pronouns) in a historic federal lawsuit to be recognized as a non-binary intersex person, argued Dana's case in court and released this fantastic 1 minute video, featuring Dana speaking about the im [more]
Lambda Legal Says: State Dept Got it Wrong, Intersex Citizen Dana Zzyym Deserves a Non-Binary Passport!
*** For Immediate Release, from Lambda Legal *** State Sept Got It Wrong in Denying Passport to Intersex Citizen, Lambda Legal Tells Court “Dana was denied a passport, an essential identity document, and in effect is under nationwide house arrest just for being honest…. This country is [more]

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