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Our E.D. on Lobbying the IOC on Behalf of Intersex Women Athletes

Our E.D. on Lobbying the IOC on Behalf of Intersex Women Athletes

In October, 2010, our E.D. Hida Viloria participated, by invitation, in the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s meeting, “Athletes with Disorders of Sex Development and their participation in competitive sport,” held in Lausanne, Switzerland (see below).

The meeting was a gathering of experts convened in the wake of Caster Semenya’s gender verification testing media storm, to deliberate the IOC’s proposed regulations for intersex women athletes. Viloria lobbied for the folowing demands stated in OII’s Petition to the IOC:
1. That the International Olympic Committee (IOC) abandon its demands that female athletes with intersex variations have their variations diagnosed and treated.
2. That the IOC allow the above mentioned athletes, known as intersex women, to compete as females without having to undergo diagnosis or “treatment.”
3. That the IOC, the press, and medical practitioners refer to females with intersex variations as “intersex women,” and not “women with disorders of sex development.”

Yesterday, Viloria shared some of the experience in her essay, “Gender Rules on Sport: Levelling the Playing Field or Reversed Doping?”, published in The Global Herald and shared on her website below.

Lobbying the IOC on behalf intersex women athletes

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