The United States affiliate of the Organization Intersex International (OII)

Intersex Campaign for Equality

Mission Statement

The Intersex Campaign for Equality  is a multi-gendered, multi-orientation, multi-racial NGO working for human rights for intersex people, particularly the rights to bodily integrity, self-determination, legal recognition, and de-pathologization of intersex traits and non-binary identities in medicine and society. We strive to create a world where intersex people are viewed and treated equally by:

  • advocating for legal protections for intersex infants, minors and adults from discrimination based on intersex status
  • advocating for intersex adults’ right to legal recognition
  • providing information concerning actual life experiences of intersex individuals, the goals of the global intersex advocacy community, and the needs of intersex individuals to all those working with intersex people;
  • supporting intersex individuals by providing information, resources, support and contact with other intersex people; and
  • assisting families and friends of intersex individuals  in their role as allies, and in understanding intersex people and variations.