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Intersex Activists Draft Bill SB1342 to Protect Intersex Infants!

Intersex Activists Draft Bill SB1342 to Protect Intersex Infants!

Mo Cortez, Koomah, and Interact Advocates for Intersex Youth have done something fantastic: Bill SB 1342! It’s a bill: “Relating to prohibiting nonconsensual genital surgery on certain minors with intersex traits.”

See the following from The Houston Intersex Society on how you can get involved.

It’s one of the first known Intersex protecting bills ever introduced in North America that was developed by Intersex people, and we thank them and commend them all for their work on this! They are now awaiting additional support to move to bill forward so look for more posts on these developments to come.

In addition, Mo and Kaoomah spent over 20 hours at the Texas State Senate lobbying against SB6, the Texan version of the #antitransbathroombills, because these bills do not make sense and cannot stand if you account for intersex people’s existence. We thus encourage all LGBTQIA organizations and press, particularly those in Texas, to reach out to them at the The Houston Intersex Society to learn how trans and intersex people can work in coalition to support equality for us all! #intersex #LGBTIQ

U.S. Includes Intersex People in Bans on Sex Discrimination in Federal Health Care!

U.S. Includes Intersex People in Bans on Sex Discrimination in Federal Health Care!

On May 13th, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a 362-page rule on the Obamacare/Affordable Care Act’s Section 1557, the provision of the law which bans sex discrimination in health care, which included the statement: “… the prohibition on sex discrimination extends to discrimination on the basis of intersex traits or atypical sex characteristics.” This… Continue Reading

Viloria published in Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics

Viloria published in Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics

OII-USA E.D. Hida Viloria’s essay, “Promoting Health and Social Progress by Accepting and Depathologizing Benign Intersex Traits”, has been published in the Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics fall issue, which features a Narrative Symposium on Intersex. From the NIB website’s description of the symposium: What are the joys and heartaches faced by people diagnosed intersex? These symposium authors… Continue Reading

New study confirms OII’s message: we are “Intersex”, not “DSDs”!

A recent study published in the International Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology (March 16, 2015), titled, “Congenital adrenal hyperplasia patient perception of ‘disorders of sex development’ nomenclature”, found that: “71.0% disliked or strongly disliked the term DSD. 83.6% stated they did not identify with the term DSD. 76.0% felt that the term DSD has a negative… Continue Reading

Viloria on discrimination against intersex women athletes in The Advocate

We’re thrilled to to have this essay by OII-USA Director Hida Viloria run in The Advocate, although we note they changed the original title – “Bullying By Any Other Name: What’s Really Behind Regulations for Women with High Testosterone” – to, “Stop Freaking Out About Female Intersex Athletes”. The essay elaborates on the issue in… Continue Reading

Aljazeera interviews Viloria on sports policies for intersex female athletes

Aljazeera interviews Viloria on sports policies for intersex female athletes

  Our E.D. Hida Viloria is on Aljazeera’s The Stream today, speaking with scholars Payoshni Mitra, PhD, and Katrina Karkazis, PhD, author of Fixing Sex, about how sporting regulations for intersex women, specifically those with hyperandrogegism (high natural testosterone levels), are discriminatory, as witnessed in the recent case of India’s Dutee Chand. Viloria has lobbied extensively against… Continue Reading

Calling all intersex folks who underwent surgeries!

If you are an intersex person who underwent non-consensual, medically unnecessary surgery(ies) — a.ka. intersex genital mutilation/IGM — please take the time to complete this survey if you can. We desperately need statistics about the “treatments” we are subjected to. Thanks in advance! Continue Reading

Another great article questions “fixing” intersex children

We are thrilled to see more and more public attention and scrutiny of the human rights violation that intersex children are routinely subjected to, in the form of having their genitals cut without their request or consent, which we call Intersex Genital Mutialtion/IGM. Read here: Continue Reading

The Atlantic questions “fixing’ intersex children

This piece examines the practice of surgically attempting to “fix” intersex babies and minors — a.k.a. intersex genital mutiltion/IGM – and the current legal case of the rawford family, who is suing the doctors who operated on their intersex son before they adopted him, and the state of South Carolina (his legal guardians at the… Continue Reading

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