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Chilean officials oppose “normalization” surgery for intersex children!

Chilean officials oppose “normalization” surgery for intersex children!

The Chilean government is urging doctors to stop performing “normalizing” genital surgeries, a.k.a. Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM)! In a “document the Chilean Ministry of Health released last week expressed its opposition to “unnecessary ‘normalization’ treatments of intersex children” that include “irreversible genital surgeries until they are of a sufficient age to make decisions about their bodies.” (Read full article here).

We celebrate with intersex Chileans, their allies and loved ones, and give special thanks to LGBT activist Camilo Godoy Pena (pictured here holding a sign advocating, in Spanish, for an end to IGM), for lobbying government officials!

Viloria Published in College Textbook by Oxford University Press

Viloria Published in College Textbook by Oxford University Press

ICE E.D. Hida Viloria’s essay, “What’s in a Name: Intersex and Identity”, was published this month in the college textbook, Queer: A Reader for Writers, by Oxford University Press. The book includes an interdisciplinary mix of public, academic, and cultural reading selections, and was developed for courses in first-year writing. It provides students with the rhetorical knowledge and… Continue Reading

Support intersex people’s right to exist this Giving Tuesday!

Imagine if the U.S. Government finally acknowledged that intersex people exist? Not only would this be critically useful in attaining equality for intersex people, but you can help make it a reality this Giving Tuesday by supporting OII-USA, and our Associate Director Dana Zzyym’s historic lawsuit for recognition of non-binary intersex people! A recent example… Continue Reading

Remembering the Intersex Day of Remembrance

November 8th is the Intersex Day of Remembrance, a.k.a. Intersex Solidarity Day, and this year OII-USA celebrated the occasion with a fantastic group of Inter* folks (as we call ourselves in some parts of Europe) and allies in Vienna.  :) “Never before have I spent time with such a large, caring, intelligent, fun group of… Continue Reading

Viloria featured in Buzzfeed piece about intersex activism and the Intersex Fund!

We are honored to be listed with these other fantastic intersex activists and advocacy organizations in this great piece in Buzzfeed about the Intersex Fund, created by Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. All the grant recipients are doing fantastic, invaluable work, and we send big thanks to Buzzfeed for the coverage and to Astraea for… Continue Reading

OII-USA Dana Zzyym’s Lawsuit in Newsday!

This great piece in Newsweek accurately describes Dana’s case, points out that some intersex people, unlike Dana, identify as men or women (as we have always made clear), and even features a great pic of Dana and Paul Castillo, the Lambda Legal staff attorney representing Dana in this lawsuit. Big thanks to Newsday for giving… Continue Reading

OII-USA awarded intersex grant by Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice!

We are proud to announce that the Intersex Campaign for Equality, aka OII-USA, has been awarded a grant by the Astraea Lesbian Justice Foundation’s Intersex Human Rights Fund, The first of its kind, the Intersex Human Rights Fund supports organizations, projects and campaigns led by intersex activists working to ensure the human rights, bodily autonomy, physical… Continue Reading

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