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U.S. finally begins to acknowledge “Intersex Genital Mutilation”!

We are very pleased and excited to see this recent piece titled, “Infant Intersex Surgery: Genital Mutilation in the U.S.?“, in Law Street Media! OII-USA, along with other advocates, has always considered medically unnecessary, non-consensual, “normalizing” genital surgeries and medical treatments of intersex people to be a human rights violation akin to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), which is why we often refer to the practice as Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM). Indeed, the similarities were detailed over a decade ago in a fantastic article in the Harvard Law Review. We are thus thrilled to see the U.S. press finally beginning to follow advocates’ lead by referring to these procedures as “genital mutilation”, and rightly calling them what they are: a human rights violation!

This is a far cry from several pieces in the U.S. that ran earlier this year with titles such as, “Parents of Intersex Children Faced with Difficult Question” (, and “Difficult Decision for Parents of Intersex Children” ( Intersex people are subjected to extreme forms of violence due to intense discrimination against us, and this should be the focus of media coverage: not the difficulties that some parents have, due to societal prejudice, in accepting their intersex kids. Just imagine, if you will, if the media covered the discrimination against other marginalized communities, such as LGBT people, by focusing on the difficulty for parents or others who can’t accept them– it is misguided and does not address the real prejudice marginalized communities face.

We commend and thank author Jennifer Polish, A CUNY graduate student, for keeping the focus on intersex people and ending the human rights violations against us! Polish obviously did her homework to research this piece, which features a video excerpt with OII-USA’s Hida Viloria, along with other resources by other fabulous activists. Please share.




Watch fantastic intersex documentary INTERSEXION

If you haven’t caught it yet, this documentary is a must see. It speaks with a diverse group of intersex community members from around the world to explore the human rights violation of nonconsensual, medically unnecessary “normalizing” surgeries — a.k.a. Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM) — which intersex people routinely face in the first world. Made by Cannes…Continue Reading

How Intersex People Identify

How Intersex People Identify

By Hida Viloria and Dana Zzyym. Much has been said recently, on the heels of all the media attention on Caitlin Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, about the issue of how people “identify”. Meanwhile, Intersex people have also been getting attention in the media, and an increasing amount of folks are finally aware of the fact…Continue Reading

Viloria speaking in SF on June 5th for Pride Month :)

Intersex Campaign for Equality E.D. Hida Viloria joins author Joe Wenke and fellow contributors of the new book, The Human Agenda: Conversations about Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, to share their stories, perspectives and commitment to freedom and equality. Please join for what promises to be a thought provoking, feel good event! See details here: THA SF Pride…Continue Reading

UN OHR Report states no intersex child should be subjected to medically unnecessary procedures!

On Human Rights Day, December 10th, 2012, OII-USA Founder and Executive Director Hida Viloria spearheaded the world’s first united call for human rights by intersex advocates, in he/r, “Open Letter: A Call for the Inclusion of Human Rights for Intersex People”, signed by the over thirty international intersex organizations participating at the Second International Intersex Forum…Continue Reading

Viloria presenting May 1st at BirthKeeper Summit

Hida VIoria will be jointly presenting, “Protecting Genital Autonomy and Children’s Rights”, with Marilyn Milos (Executive Director at NOCIRC), J. Steven Svoboda (Executive Director at ARC), and Soraya Miré (Executive Director at Persistent Productions), on May 1st at the annual BirthKeeper Summit, “Healing Birth is Healing Our Earth”. The Summit is a fantastic three day…Continue Reading

Ally Minister Dalli on Malta’s groundbreaking GIGESC Bill

This short, fantastically informative piece by Minister Dr. Helena Dalli of Malta, outlines their groundbreaking Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sex Characteristics (GIGESC) Bill, the first legislation in the world to criminalize unconsented interventions on intersex infants!!! Minister Dalli, an amazingly humanitarian ally, attended the 3rd International Intersex Forum, held in Malta in 2013, where…Continue Reading

OII-USA’s Viloria in Oxford U Press college textbook!

OII-USA’s Viloria in Oxford U Press college textbook!

We are thrilled to report that OII-USA/ICE Executive Director Hida Viloria’s May 2014 essay, “What’s in a Name: Intersex and Identity,” will be published by Oxford University Press this December in the college textbook, QUEER: A Reader for Writers, by Jason Schneiderman. The essay elaborates on the importance of de-pathologization and using “intersex” rhetoric for attaining…Continue Reading

Words from Malta, the first nation to ban Intersex Genital Mutilation/IGM!

Words from Malta, the first nation to ban Intersex Genital Mutilation/IGM!

“I am very proud to be from a country that has from now on the most comprehensive and respectful laws when it comes to the rights of trans and intersex people. No one should be declared mentally ill, undergo forced surgery or [be] forced to go through a divorce, in order to be recognised as…Continue Reading