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Hida Viloria is interviewed in the fantastic new book The Human Agenda: Conversations about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (February 5, 2015), by author and LGBTQI advocate Joe Wenke. I speak about the harmful “normalizing” non-consensual medical practices – a.k.a. Intersex Genital Mutiltion (IGM) – that intersex minors are often subjected to, the dangers of… Continue Reading

Viloria on discrimination against intersex women athletes in The Advocate

We’re thrilled to to have this essay by OII-USA Director Hida Viloria run in The Advocate, although we note they changed the original title – “Bullying By Any Other Name: What’s Really Behind Regulations for Women with High Testosterone” – to, “Stop Freaking Out About Female Intersex Athletes”. The essay elaborates on the issue in… Continue Reading

Viloria on intersex people & identity politics in The Advocate  This latest essay by OII-USA Director Hida Viloria  — What’s in a Name: Intersex and Idenity – examines the history of the LGBTI community being pathologized, and how intersex people are still being impacted by this. Many thanks to The Advocate for helping raise awareness. Continue Reading

Essay on menstruation while being intersex by Astorino in Autostraddle

“Lessons Learned From Menstruation Pop Quizzes While Being Intersex” is an insightful and often hysterical account of  Claudia’s experience around menstruation as an AIS intersex woman who doesn’t menstruate.  I can’t help but admit that sometimes, when I’m saddled with menstrual cramps, I’m a bit envious! Continue Reading

New Year, New Intersex Movement

Okay, so it’s not “new” in that it wasn’t written recently, but it’s still a new outlook within the intersex community/movement. We are not just our bodies, and it’s time we move beyond the discourse of “medical conditions” and “medical treatment” to expressing a unique intersex culture that encompasses our whole selves.  This essay,  written… Continue Reading

Germany’s New Third Gender Law Places Intersex Babies at Risk

[We would like to note a correction to this original post: some intersex advocates were consulted in the creation of this new law, but their concerns were not addressed by it.] Germany’s new third gender law becomes effective today, and has been hailed as a groundbreaking advancement for intersex people, but every intersex advocacy organization… Continue Reading

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