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Intersex Memoir Praised in The New York Times, Washington Post & More!

Intersex Memoir Praised in The New York Times, Washington Post & More!


“[A] poignant and powerful story.” – The Washington Post

“Viloria does us the even greater service (it’s more of a gift, really) of showing us what it means to live not just as both a man and a woman but also as a third gender that eventually emerges as the right one.” — The New York Times

“Groundbreaking…This brave and empowering book deserves a wide audience.” – Library Journal
In an era when the intersex community is still struggling for visibility, we are overjoyed to report that the recently released memoir, Born Both: An Intersex Life (Hachette Books, 3/14/17), has been receiving phenomenal praise–including a glowing review in last Sunday’s New York Times Book Review!

(Review also available online here.)
The memoir, by our very own founding director Hida Viloria, is the first book by an openly intersex author to be published by a “Big 5” publishing house, and has been selected for several book lists including People magazine’s “The Best New Books” list of six books (4/3/17 newsstand issue). We couldn’t be prouder, or happier with the level of attention Born Both has garnered for intersex issues.

After bringing visibilty and a message of intersex pride and equality to millions through appearances on Oprah, 20/20 and more, Viloria founded OII-USA and dedicated he/rself to bringing intersex awareness to mainstream audiences via he/r writing. We’re grateful for all he/r hard work giving voice to intersex issues, and for the recognition and mainstream press that Born Both and Viloria have received. In addition to feature reviews in The New York Times, Kirkus, The Washington Post, and more, Hida has been interviewed in Rolling Stone and Psychology Today, among others.


Born Both shares our E.D’s fascinating personal journey as a gender-fluid, queer, Latinx intersex feminist, and also highlights the intersex community’s efforts for bodily autonomy and self-determination, inspiring calls for intersex acceptance.
“Intelligent and courageous, [Born Both] chronicles one intersex person’s path to wholeness, but it also affirms the right of all intersex and nonbinary people to receive dignity and respect.” — Kirkus Reviews
“Intersex babies often have their dual gender surgically ‘corrected,’ but trailblazing activist Viloria didn’t. Her book is fierce, brave, and a clarion call to celebrate our differences.” – People
Born Both’s mainstream success also demonstrates to stakeholders that intersex stories are worth telling, paving the way for more.

Sex-Positive = Intersex-Positive in Huffington Post

Sex-Positive = Intersex-Positive in Huffington Post

    Our E.D.’s latest essay, “Remember: Sex-Positive = Intersex-Positive,” in Huffington Post Queer Voices, examines the intersectionality of feminism and intersex issues by exploring medical and social views towards clitoral reduction surgeries on intersex baby girls and future women. Enjoy and please share widely to educate about how intersex issues are feminist issues. Continue Reading

Our E.D. on Lobbying the IOC on Behalf of Intersex Women Athletes

Our E.D. on Lobbying the IOC on Behalf of Intersex Women Athletes

  In October, 2010, our E.D. Hida Viloria participated, by invitation, in the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s meeting, “Athletes with Disorders of Sex Development and their participation in competitive sport,” held in Lausanne, Switzerland (see below).   The meeting was a gathering of experts convened in the wake of Caster Semenya’s gender verification testing media… Continue Reading

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