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Viloria on discrimination against intersex women athletes in The Advocate

We’re thrilled to to have this essay by OII-USA Director Hida Viloria run in The Advocate, although we note they changed the original title – “Bullying By Any Other Name: What’s Really Behind Regulations for Women with High Testosterone” – to, “Stop Freaking Out About Female Intersex Athletes”.

The essay elaborates on the issue in all the ways Viloria didn’t have time to do on Aljazeera two weeks ago, particularly how examining intersex women’s actual performance records, as well as how sporting policies work, reveals that it’s prejudice, not “fairness”, truly informing and enabling the current regulations.

We’re also thrilled they included a link to the petition supporting the efforts of Dutee Chand, the latest victim of the discriminatory sports regulations for intersex women with high functional T levels. The petition was started by fantastic intersex allies Katrina Karkazis (author of the seminal Fixing Sex), Payoshni Mitra, who is advising Dutee, and Bruce Kidd. Dutee has refused to alter her body in order to compete, and needs our support fighting the ruling against her. Please sign and share!

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