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OII-USA’s  Viloria  interviewed in VICE

OII-USA’s Viloria interviewed in VICE

OII-USA’s Viloria called on the U.S. Gov’t to ban IGM in an interview in VICE on last week’s victory in Malta! Big tx to VICE for giving press attention to this issue in their piece, in which we thank allies Silvan Agius and Ruth Baldacchino​ for their hard work in passing the groundbreaking, long awaited legislation!

That said, We respectfully make the following clarifications:
1. Viloria was one of 5 (not 3, as incorrectly implied in the edited piece) organizers of the 3rd International Intersex Forum in Malta.
2. The statement, “testes that turn out to be ovaries”, Is likewise inaccurate . they may have been attempting to refer to ovo-testis, a combination of ovarian and testicular tissue.
3. The omission that the law provides that the right to bodily integrity belongs to the child not the parents.

Otherwise, fantastic! :)

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