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Watch Intersex Activist Pidgeon Pagonis on Transparent!!!!

Watch Intersex Activist Pidgeon Pagonis on Transparent!!!!

pagonis-on-transparentFabulous News Everyone: Episode 1, Season 3 of award-winning television series #Transparent features #intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis in a scene with Jeffrey Tambor! Pagonis shared that they regret that the discussion of non-consensual surgeries they had filmed didn’t make it in, however, Pidgeon — who is non-binary and uses “they/them/their” pronouns– was able to mention “ambiguous genitalia” and their “people” on Oprah (referring to Oprah’s 2007 episode on intersex featuring Lynnelle Stefani Long, Katie Baratz, and our own Hida Viloria) — and we thank and commend them for their beautiful contribution to intersex visibility! Enjoy!

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